Winter Cleanup

A while ago i got it in my mind to start making youtubes of some of my projects as I build them. Slowly i have been gathering the bits I need to be able to do this, nothing fancy but things like a Mic for doing voice overs and a webcam that can do HD video are certainly helpful.

So today i got into the next step of the process and that is to clean the heck up around here and make things both clean and tidy as well as accessible. So the bench as been given a make over, with the radio gear all at one end and the test and building gear at the other end. I have another green cutting mat coming so keeping things clean and tidy into the future should be kind of easy from now on.


I still have a bunch of stuff to sort out and put in its rightful place, but another week and I might be done LOL



My old breadboard was starting to get a little tired so I thought it was time to update it and to something more useable. The old one was homebrew more or less, but how it was being powered was becoming a nightmare to use.So i grabbed one of these of ebay, and with a breadboard power module i have 12v 5v and 3.3v as well as USB power out. All in all this will be much more usable than the old board.